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Rick Mayes  "Sea Cloud"  is now up  For Sale
The model of Sea Cloud was a sailing scale model (only sailed four times). 
Now a display model only in a cabinet measuring 240 cm long X 150 cm high X 46 cm deep. 
The model itself measures 210 cm long X 140 cm high X 32 cm wide, and took eleven years to construct. 
The real ship is still sailing today as a cruise ship at 89 years old !!    
There is NO equipment inside to operate it, with the exception of the 98
grain of wheat lights being able to be turned on/off.  
Reluctantly offered for sale to GENUINE BUYERS ONLY.  Price $6,000 negotiable.  
Model is located on the Sunshine Coast at Maroochydore.
For more information on this spectacular model telephone Rick Mayes T/F 07 54431707. 



(Added on 6th. October, 2020.)       

For Sale
A FIJI model yacht for sale.
Yes I believe it is a schooner and only Asking $50.
For more information on this interesting model,
Contact Mardi, After Hours on 0439 764 669

(Added on the 6th, October, 2020)     
Gordon Wills has 

4 Marbleheads and an A Class Cruising Yacht
Available as presented for pick-up only – no delivery
To arrange an inspect at Morayfield contact Gordon at 

Green Marblehead (Abacus)
Dimensions Length 1300mm x Width 200mm x Depth 640mm
$375.00 Including
• RMG Sail Winch • Rudder Servo • Keel & Bulb • Rudder
• One Sail set w/ carbon fibre mast & booms
• Deck Fittings • Boat Stand
• No Radio or Receiver


Black Marblehead
Dimensions Length 1300mm x Width 220mm x Depth 500mm
$250.00 Including
• RMG Sail Winch • Keel & Bulb • Rudder • Deck Fittings
• One Sail Set w/ carbon fibre mast and booms
• No Radio or Receiver
• Boat Stand


Brown Marblehead
Dimensions Length 1300mm x Width 220mm x Depth (deck to keel bulb) 550mm
$175.00 Including
• RMG Sail Winch • Receiver • Rudder Servo • Keel & Bulb • Rudder • Deck Fittings • Boat Stand
• No Sails
• No Radio


Red Marblehead
Dimensions Length 1300mm x Width 255mm x Depth 450mm
$50.00 Including
• Keel & Bulb • Deck Fittings
• No Radio or Receiver • No Winch


A Class Cruising Yacht 

Dimensions Length 1890mm x Width 330mm x 570mm 

$250.00 Including

·    Winch  ·   Fixed Keel & Bulb

·    Rudder   ·   Rudder Servo

·   Deck Fittings   ·  One Sail set w/ aluminium mast and booms

·   Boat Stand

·   No Radio or Receiver

(Added items on 6th of January 2020)  

Sailing Vessel  Mould and Plug and Hull For Sale


Fibre-glass Mould and Plug.           Image of Vessel is to show what you can build and not for sale.
Price $50.00 each or $80.00 both.    Measures: Length 1440 mm   Beam 270 mm 

Anyone interested contact Rick Mayes through SCMBC.
(Modified item on 25/05/2020)   

There is an IOM yacht For Sale owned by Ray Highe.
He is selling his RC model due to ill heath.
He can be contacted by phone on 07 3823 2020.




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