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For Sale an IOM Fusion Racing Yacht (1m) 

Selling for friend who can no longer sail due to ill health

This is an excellent, fast, clean and dry boat that is ready to sail.  

Price Includes:

A & B Sail Rigs.

Eachine i6 Transmitter and 6 channel Receiver

2s 1000 milliamp lipo battery and Imax B6AC Dual Power Battery Charger.

On a PVC custom made stand.

Contact Jock on 0428714774 for any further inquires.

Priced at $1500.00

(Added on 3rd.of March,2021)   

For Sale
A FIJI model yacht for sale.
Yes I believe it is a schooner and only Asking $50.
For more information on this interesting model,
Contact Mardi, After Hours on 0439 764 669

(Updated on the 26th, March, 2021)     
Gordon Wills has 

4 Marbleheads and an A Class Cruising Yacht
Available as presented for pick-up only – no delivery
To arrange an inspect at Morayfield contact Gordon at 

Brown Marblehead
Dimensions Length 1300mm x Width 220mm x Depth (deck to keel bulb) 550mm
$175.00 Including
• RMG Sail Winch • Receiver • Rudder Servo • Keel & Bulb • Rudder • Deck Fittings • Boat Stand
• No Sails
• No Radio


A Class Cruising Yacht 

Dimensions Length 1890mm x Width 330mm x 570mm 

$250.00 Including

·    Winch  ·   Fixed Keel & Bulb

·    Rudder   ·   Rudder Servo

·   Deck Fittings   ·  One Sail set w/ aluminium mast and booms

·   Boat Stand

·   No Radio or Receiver

(Updated items on 20th of March 2021)  

There is an IOM yacht For Sale owned by Ray Highe.
He is selling his RC model due to ill heath.
He can be contacted by phone on 07 3823 2020.




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