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                                        Updated 31 Oct 2018

                                                  S O L D

                                   Price now reduced to $250.                                         

Updated 28 Aug 2018                                                                                

                                          Added 22 jun 2018

Overall length 940 mm

Fibreglassed hull.

Set up for night sailing. Batteries included.

2 slings for launching

Flysky FS -i6 Tx and Rx included.

John has reduced the price to $250 
from $350 and this includes 
the transmitter and rx.

Ring John 54927640 or 0418859631


                                                                                Added 13 jun 2018


                                                                                Added 13 jun 2018

An ''Elizabeth'' Class battleship model has become 

available for a good home, as a 'giveaway'.


It is approximately 1.7 to 1.8m long

has movable turrets

4 props and shafts - driven by 2/ geared 900motors with belt drive

looks to be an 'Elektronize' ESC

Was in working order - 2 years since run. not touched since

I think there is plans still

Basic scale detail finish at present

Needs more work and finishing work

has a bag of bits to go with it

It is now up on a shelf for easier veiwing

It is at Warner, just west of Brendale.

Phone James   0409 051 015


                                                                                Added 2 Feb 2018

                                                Boats for sale

BRIAN  0408483528 - 

I prefer to be contacted via txt or email, 

as I usually don't hear the 'phone. 


                                                                                Added 2 Nov 2017

Hi Marcus

Thanks for coming back to me and offering to help find some homes and hopefully $ for what re some pretty interesting models

I have made up a word document and to date whilst we have sold much of the marine gear and collectables the models aren’t moving so I have just asked for offers…?

Appreciate the help and talk soon

Kind regards


                                 Click on image for a larger pic.


                                                                    Added 09 Oct 2017

Hi Mark,

I have an add for some models that are for sale and was 
wondering if you could add them to the clubs web site.
I thought that some of our members my by interested 
in them.
All boats are owned by Ray Highet and he is selling his 
loved model vessels due to ill heath.

He can be contacted by phone. The no. is  07 3823 2020.


Click image for larger view.


                                                                    Added 03 Jun 2017

                                    Jason's boats for sale.

I would like to put a couple of boats in the for sale section of the SCMBC website please.

Any queries please let me know and I look forward to catching up on Sunday at the regatta.

1/48 Oberon class Submarine Hull

Unfortunately it has been sitting in my shed for the last 8 years.  One of those projects that I just won’t get too.

So I thought it would be better off going to someone who is keen to give it the attention it needs.

It is timber construction and has been designed so that it could be set up as a static model or as a working RC Submarine, which was the intention.

It will be on display this weekend at the Sunshine Coast Model Boat club regatta (4 June 2017)

Any queries please let me know.

$190 ono 


SCMBC Vice President

0477 081 144


1/35 PT BOAT

Unfortunately it has been sitting in my shed for the last 10 years and only really gets a run every now and then.  So I thought it would be better off going to someone who is keen to give it the attention it needs.

It is ready to run with dual water cooled motors, excellent detail, comes with a 2x lithium batteries and a 9 channel radio (minus transmitter battery).  Runs very well and has its on protective carry box too with lid.

It will be on display this weekend at the Sunshine Coast Model Boat club regatta (4 June 2017)

Any queries please let me know.

$750 ono


SCMBC Vice President

0477 081 144



                                                                    Added 08 Mar 2017

Hello All


I have been asked to see if anyone has a model (Sail boat) for sale. A local real estate would like to incorporate into their office furnishings. 

If so could you please forward me a photo and how much  you would like for it? 


Brad Edwards
Triple “S” Model Boat Group Secretary


                                                                    Added 05 Feb 2017

                                         1930mm boat for sale

Hi Col,
Just letting you know I am still alive, after a health scare last year. Paul and I plan to rejoin you and the guys again at Sippy Downs in the near future.
In the meantime, I am looking for a home for the beloved “Bigfoot” A Class yacht. I have not sailed her for almost two years and while I have kept her in pristine condition, It is time she went to a new home and gave someone else the pleasure she has given me.
She is ready to sail and only needs batteries. The timber decked beauty is complete with winch, receiver, transmitter, stand and A rig sail.
Overall length is 1930mm. Sails beautifully. I am also preparing her sister “Ann Maree” for sale in the next month or so.
I will be happy to send her to a good home for $500 if anyone at the club is interested.
Looking forward to catching up soon.
Gordon Wills

Gordon Wills [


                                          Added 28 Nov 2016

German Fire Boat $350  (Kit is $600)



Twin motors


Twin Rudders


Working Fire Hydrants


Fast boat if you want it to be



Fairbanks Cruiser  ($290)



Nav Lights


Really nice boat on the water



Large Wood Cruiser $290



Brushless Motor


Water Cooled ESC


Nav Lights


Fast boat if you want it to be


Call Brian 0419 794 485


                                     Click on image for larger view.


                                          Added 24 Nov 2016

                                      For Sale: Fibreglass hull.

Size:  1240 long x 480 wide x 200 sides

$zero for a good home

Contact Brian 0419 794 485


                                           Added 20 Sep 2016

                                         Seawind yacht   SOLD


                                           Added 11 Aug 2016



Photos attached.  It called the Hellen and is wood construction.


$350 just add receiver and battery.   Contact - Brian 0419 794 485


                                           Added 11 July 2016

F O R   S A L E 
Static model of clipper CUTTY SARK
The model is a Billings Kit, and built plank on frame. 

Approx 1 metre in length and fully rigged.

Housed in a glass cabinet measuring 

120cm long X 81.5cm high X 38cm wide.  

Enquiries contact

Rick Mayes through Sunshine Coast Model Boat Club.


added 15 Jan 2015

Club items for sale:

Club caps $15,

Hats $18, 

Shirts $30.

Contact Sec. Pat or Pres. John.


Added 21 Sep 2015

RC Sloop for sale.


Added 23 Mar 2015

Phone Andy 0754948970. 


Added 18 Mar 2015

Update 23 Mar 2015 -    S O L D.

Beautifully built PT Naval Boat.
Great scale detail  
Twin engine - Twin rudder
Includes motors, Speed Controller and Servo.  
Just add receiver and battery and ready to go.


Updated 07 Apr 2015


added 26 Nov 2014

Fibreglass schooner hull
Length 135cm
Beam 30cm
Depth (deck to keel) 30cm

Price $75.00 - NEGOTIABLES O L D

Contact Rick Mayes


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