Statement from SCMBC Committee.

Members Only Can Attend.

With the slow winding back of the strict Coronavirus regulations a small number of members only are now able to attend the lake for the purpose of sail.

This will be within the current restrictions laid out under the current government guidelines and this is still at your own risk.

To attend the lake you must register

by contacting the club secretary Dr. Pat Drake to be added to a daily roster.


There will be future notifications as the club sailing venue becomes more available for use by members. 

(Posted on 22/06/2020)      

Statement from SCMBC Committee.

Due to the current situation with the Coronavirus covid-19 ALL club activities will cease for the foreseeable future. 
There will be notification from the committee when it is safe to resume our normal activities. 

(Posted on 30-03-2020)      

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Statement from SCMBC Committee. 

To Our Member and Members of the Public,

The current COVID-19 situation is clearly a very challenging time for all Australians and is having a significant impact on our way of life and will continue to do so for some time.

We at SCMBC would like to say current use of our facility at USC campus is still open each Sunday morning but all National and State restriction regarding social distancing and covid-19 will apply.

Please take the time to view and read the link below.

For the foreseeable future, there will be no canteen or refreshments supplied on site by SCMBC. 

If you decided to use the facility you must bring your own food, snacks, drinks and hand sanitiser.

There will be future updates regarding the use of the venue as policies are being updated and changing Day by Day.





There will be no Inter-club or calendar event taking place at this venue until further notice.
(Posted on 24/03/2020)        

New Item added to Trading Centre
(Added on the 11th of February, 2020)
Have a look in Galleries for two new youtube clips.

National Model Submarine Regatta at Canberra. See if you can pick out the Queenslander's and their craft participating.

(Added on the 16th of January,2020.)   

Our first Inter-club event for 2020 at SCMBC will be on 15th of March
This event will be a Sail Scale and Market Day
There will be an array of model vessels on the water and on static display.
(Last edited on 13th of January 2020.)  

New items listed in Trading Centre
(Added on 6th of January 2020.)  
The 1st Inter-club event for 2020 will be hosted by Triple 'S' Model Boat Group.
This will be a Sailing Boat Regatta at Boondall.
For information and directions go to their webpage @
(Last edited on 6th of January 2020.)  

More New item listed in Trading Centre
(Last edited on 22nd October)



Our AGM was held on Sunday the 14th of July 
and the 2018/19 committee was re-elected for the 2019/20 season.

(Last edited on 15th July)


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