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Added 07 Dec 2016

Report from President Col.

Hi all. To all members and guests who t attended the Pearl Harbor Day at the Lake on Sunday thank you for coming .It was so refreshing to see so much club support from even the non-warship members. The boats were a great  spectacle and those spectators who came along for  a look would have been very impressed with the Quality  of the craft and the friendliness of  their owners. The weather although a little windy by lunch was kind to us a that breeze kept the temp bearable. 


  To all those who helped to put on the day THANKYOU from me. I am not one to single out and name people but those that helped know who they are. Every club I have been a part of has the same core group of workers who just keep fronting up to do as much as they can every time and that is the world over.   They do what they can expecting nothing in return other than feel a sense of satisfaction of having done it. Thanks to the volunteers .


The newly introduced  members draw when off again and it was great to see a brand new member win this month, Congratulation on the win.     To Graham from  SSS Club who won the Xmas hamper well done. Graham always supports our open days and along with many  others from clubs outside the Sunny Coast area travel considerable distances To share the joy of model boating. I would like to suggest in the new year as a club we gather a few and reciprocate as and organized group outing.(more on that next year)


Xmas party is just around the corner at the Mooloobah Yacht Club on Sat night 17th Dec. That will see the end of our year as it was .   On with the next year brighter and better that the last.


Lastly I would like to thank the new committee for their dedication and efforts to consider change and  suggesting  new  ideas  as we attempt  to make things more interesting and enjoyable for all  the members in the coming years.   Please if any members have suggestions talk to someone on committee so as we can get it on the table and  talk about the possibilities. ( It may be more sensible than some of the suggestion we sometimes discuss proposed by our committee)



Xmas is on us again and another year has sailed past.       

Please have a safe and Very Merry Xmas


Captain Col.                             

From the wheelhouse.


Added 17 Oct 2016

Hello to all,

I thought that I would fill everyone in on the first aid kit and to update everyone on the upcoming Pearl Harbour day.

We are purchasing a first aid kit that will be located near the rescue boat with emergency information signs located in the kit and at either end of the covered area.  The emergency information sign is attached.  In addition will be looking at getting a few people trained in emergency first aid. 

4 December will be our Pearl Harbour day.  It will go until about 2pm.  Other clubs will be invited to attend of course, as well as any people who wish to visit from the community.  Attached is the flyer that will be located at Hobbyrama and if possible Toyworld at Kawana.  If anyone else wish's to place the signs in appropriate and tasteful locations, then feel free to do so.

I would also like to once again express my appreciation to all that helped out for the clean up for the regatta that we had previously.  It wouldn't of been possible and such a success without your efforts. 

Jason Hatcher

SCMBC Vice President  
0439 794 717


Added 14aug2014