Video of Rick's Tobruk and LCH.  
You need to have FULL SCREEN AND VOLUME UP for it to be dramatic !!!  
Thank-you Brian you have done a brilliant job on this video.  Enjoy.  
Newspapers articles of Rick's and his model


If you would like to view some of Grant's photos from the D-Day Regatta follow the link below.
You can download them from here as well if you wish.
Thank-you Grant Richards of
Hop in a have a look.
Everyone enjoy.
(Added on 11th of June, 2021)

Hi Everyone attached is a link to a short video Brian did with his drone on the first Wednesday of sailing at Marshall's Lagoon. 

  Certainly a pretty place to sail, even if there wasn't a lot of wind on the day, perfect for the scale power boats. 

Click here:

(Added on 11th of August, 2020)    


Click on the link below to view the 

5th. National Model Submarine Regatta
Hosted by the ACT Model Boat Club of Canberra.

  (Add on 16th of January, 2020.)  

Jason's new youtube link for his....
This is my Radio Controlled 1/48 scale Battleship, USS Tennessee BB43. She is 12ft / 4m long and I am still adding things to it. I had to build its own trailer to transport and store. She is launched and retrieved the same as a normal boat and I built her own WWII dock to park it when on the water. Together with her own Tug and a Collier cargo ...

(Added on 15th of January, 2020.)   

added 21 Aug 2017

Recent images of Rick's latest project.

Click image to enlarge detail.


added 03 Aug 2016

Jason's USS Tennessee BB43.

Click image for larger view.

Published on Jul 15, 2015

This is my Radio Controlled 1/48 scale Battleship, USS Tennessee BB43. She is 12ft / 4m long and I am still adding things to it. I had to build its own trailer to transport and store. She is launched and retrieved the same as a normal boat and I built her own WWII dock to park it when on the water. 

The working search lights are surefire tactical torch heads, which puts a good solid beam of light across the water. Besides the navigation lights she also has superstructure illumination lights together with working street lamps on the dock. All four motors are water cooled with cooling fans throughout the ship and directed out the funnel. She is close to 100% scale as I added things like a bow thruster etc. All of the other actions you can see in the movie.

She is made from Timber, sheet metal, white metal, fibreglass, bits of my kids toys, anything that I could lay my hands on really.

I hope you enjoy watching as much as I have enjoyed building her.


added 03 Aug 2016

Thanks to Anthony for the pics of the 

SSS Sub regatta 

Sunday 31 July 2016.

Click on image for larger view.


added 25 Apr 2016

Peter, Kristy and myself represented the SCMBC at a Triple S event held at the  Roma Street Parklands lake in conjunction with a vintage car rally on the week-end.

 It was pleasing to see a good day was had by all in attendance.

We had excellent sunny weather for boating though the breeze was not favorable to the sail craft.

There was quite a lot of interest in the regatta by the large number of general public and possibly some new members for the Triple S club. 

A wide range of water craft were on display even some unwanted guessed. Snappy the alligator had people running to see him.

Some photos from the day follow.

Anthony Dipple.


Click on the image for larger pic.


added 28 Jan 2016

Rick has advised 

"A full detailed story on the building of this model, may 
be found in the December 2015 edition of 
Marine Modelling International."

Maltese Falcon, both original and rc model.

Another video from Damo

Check out Damo's 2015 SSS Sub Regatta video

Look out for more videos.

Thanks to Damo.


added 21 Aug 2015

Another video from Damo


Thanks to Rick for the pics from the Roma Street Parkland.

Click on the pick for larger view.


added 10 Aug 2015

One of our members passed this newspaper article on to me 
for inclusion on the Club's web-site. 

Thanks to all members for your items.


added 04 May 2015

SCMBC Breakfast Club members at the Lakeside Pine Rivers 
facility on Sunday morning 3/5/15.

A number of our SCMBC members travelled to  the Lakeside Pine Rivers facility on Sunday morning 3/5/15.   We went a little prepared and enjoyed a splendid breakfast by the lake , As we always do. The morning was enjoyed by all and we then returned to our  Sippy Downs Home for a really well attended Night Sail. The evening was a full moon (almost John) cloud all cleared away by 6 O clock and with some of the sail boats finding a little breeze and the tugs, cruisers, cargo and fishing vessels creating a great sight with their green, red and white lights. We even had sounds effects and some strobe light action as well. The evening meal was well supported and all have assured they will certainly attend the next even more prepared. .Apologies for no night photos but the phone camera does not cut it with glare from the water but we will arrange something special for the next night.

Thanks to Col for the update and the pic.

You wouldn't get a better treble than this one at the Melbourne Cup.


Breakfast for eight.


Eggs over easy please?


Rick's Sea Cloud.

Click the link for the video.

Here are the stats of my model  ....
It took almost 11 years to complete.
Length is 2.1 metres
Beam is 32cm
Hull draft is 15cm
Total draft including a keel which lowers/raises is 35cm
Height of main mast above deck is 112cm
Total weight is 36 kgs

She has a total of 98 grain of wheat lights all over, with two rotating radars.
The build story has appeared in the October 2006 issue of Marine Modelling International, and also in the Windling World magazine from NZ, a few years ago, which was produced by my late mate Mark Steele.  She was only sailed four times, and now displayed in a 2.4 X 1.5 metre cabinet in my garage.

Who rescued the rescue boat?

Ronnie's ears are still ringing.

Before the repairs.
Thanks to the members who turned their hands to panel beating.
(Added 07 Apr 2015)

added 01Dec2014

Brian's video is now able to be viewed as a YouTube video.

For optimum viewing follow the suggestions below.

First click on this link>>    
Just 2 steps to watch it in full screen HD, see picture below.
After clicking on the red link above......
1. Click on the little 'gear' icon bottom right of the video (Red arrow below) and then click on 1080p at the top of the list.
2. Then click on the [] icon also bottom right of the video (Blue arrow below) this will make it full screen. 
When it is full screen you might want stop the video and start it from the beginning again so it picks up the new 1080p settings.

Thanks to Pat for his detailed article on one of 
the more unusual aspects of our sport.

Added  24 Nov 2014


Added  15 Nov 2014

Thanks to Col.


A fine looking bunch..........


Rick's Maltese Falcon

added 09 Oct 2014

One of the pics is Rick's model. You pick which one.


Hugh's Imara Tug Boat

A real work of art

Added 04 Oct 2014


Torpedo Strike!

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Added 11 Aug 2014

Additional site pics have been added to the Club Details page.

The SCMBC Clubhouse viewed from the dry lake late 2003.