Code of Courtesy -

Sunshine Coast Model Boat Club, Inc.

By-Laws and Code of Courtesy

Amended January 2021


1        Members and visitors using the old A.M. and F.M. frequencies are required to check with others before switching on their radios.

2        Radio transmitter aerial tips are to be fitted with safety caps

3        Members’ boats are to observe a slow speed and careful handling at or near the launching and mooring areas.

4        Power boats should give way to sail when possible.

5        Fast electric boats to keep to the buoyed southern end of the lake.

6        Harbour Master approval is required before any boat fitted with steam boilers is fired up in the designated areas.

7        Internal combustion powered boats are banned from the University lake at all times.

8        No swimming or fishing is permitted in the lake.

9        All members are required to operate their boats with due care.

10    Members are required to wear Club name badges at all club meetings.

11    Members and visitors must sign the Attendance book at all club meetings.

12    It is  the duty of Club members to keep the grounds tidy at all times.

13    No member is to become involved in any altercation or action which may bring the name of the Club into disrepute or jeopardise the Club’s tenure of the Lake.

14    Members must avoid any remark or action which may cause annoyance or embarrassment to any other member or visitor.

15    No domestic animals or model airplanes are permitted on University grounds.

16    Entry to the lake is only to be made through the official gateway.

17    Rescue boat to be used by 2 adult Club members only wearing life jackets .

18    All boats to have protective buffers on their bows when possible.

19    Members and visitors who enter the water must wear appropriate footwear (not thongs) and do so at their own risk.

(This follows the members meeting on 24th January.)